“If you see oppression of the poor and denial of justice and righteousness in the province, do not be shocked at the sight, for one official watches over another official, and there are higher officials over them.”
Ecclesiastes: 5:8

‘Do not be shocked’ if you see employees of a multinational made redundant, because the announcement is always made prior to the annual shareholders meeting to improve cash results.

‘Do not be shocked’ if your Parliamentary member changes stance on a moral issue, for they have just been subjected to a concerted campaign of letter writing and lobbying from a pressure group.

‘Do not be shocked’ if corporate greed results in the fall of a company, for the bosses were once tempted by the same adverts for condominiums in The Bahamas that you also find attractive.

‘Do not be shocked’ if you read about the existence of Nike factories paying $10.00 a day to Indonesian workers. Think about the issues of sponsoring their basketball stars, selling inexpensive runners, and still satisfying the shareholders.

‘Do not be shocked’ if the freeway traffic is worse than last year, for you also have an SUV, and you also voted against rises in road taxes.

‘Do not be shocked’ if third world corruption seems blatant, because the scale there was much lower before we introduced Sony, BMW and Gucci to them.

‘Do not be shocked’ if tropical rainforests are disappearing before your eyes, for Teak makes the best luxury boat decking timber in the world.

‘Do not be shocked’ if the bishop seems slow on publicising sexual abuse cases, because there are many committees needed to approve prohibitive action.