The dechurched were formally identified in the 1990s.

As statistics became available, it dawned on church leaders what others had known for decades – attendance was dropping. Many Christians got dechurchedturned off church, and stopped going.

The first chart shows the Unaffiliated in the USA, which somewhat reflects the dechurched.

After all, Christianity is the major religion in the USA, and the percentage of church attendees is dropping as the Unaffiliated grows.

This site travels around the dechurched phenomena, but let’s add one more intriguing statistic – the demosqued.

Similar trends are underway in the world’s second largest faith – that’s right – Islam. The demosqued are growing.

demosquedThe next chart shows the demosqued in The Netherlands. Roughly speaking, both the church and the mosque are losing 10 percent of their attendees each decade, or one percent per annum apiece.

That’s kind of interesting.

There might be parallel influences at work here.

Which is why we run the dechurched and demosqued sites along parallel lines.

We hope you enjoy these sites as they evolve. Understanding what’s going on might make the turbulent religious world of 2014 more understandable.

As a hint,  check out the Media, Myth and Memory pages under the Views tab. We’ve just shown you an example of Mimicry above.