Where are the dechurched?

Mostly in Western nations.

That’s predictable I guess, but it’s also based on the fact they collect census figures about Christians abandoning the church. They put a tick box in called ‘None’ for No religion.

This very website is visited from all over the world.┬áHere’s where they come from, drilling down.






3 comments on “Where are the dechurched?”

  1. April Groener

    My husband children and I study at home. It seems every building we visit is consumed with gossip, hate and the need of power by money instead of by God alone. We the people are the building blocks to the real church being built by God and the true church of God. All of these buildings that are being called the church of God are truly only buildings until the true church of God steps into them. I love God, my husband, children and my sisters and brothers. I do not attend a building but I attend to My family and I serve the only God who can save. I love the word of God because it is God

    • bryan@oceanbooks.co.nz

      Well April, you’re in agreement with many others. Pew Research survey thousands of people, and complaints about money and power come at the top of their list too. All the best.

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