When is a cult?

How to move out of Cult status to respectability



I was going to write an article on this very topic. Until I saw this cartoon. So this is the shortest article here.

A few words, though, let me have a couple of lines. Mormonism is making this transition.

Here are some other hints on gaining respectability gleaned from observations of Mormons and other factions, sorry sects, sorry…

  1. Make sure one of your members get successful in the positive writing field – like Steven Covey.
  2. Don’t have outlandish opinions against the state – like the Open Brethren during WWI. They were silly enough to condone conscientious objection to the war. And never really got anywhere as a denomination.
  3. Recruit sports stars, or use them as a draw card. Promise Keepers know that trick.
  4. Better still, get in a rock star. They don’t need to change any aspect of their behaviour, apart from plane wrecking.