The dechurched trend goes under various names;

  • Pew Research, the world’s largest surveyor of religions, terms it ‘The rise of the Nones.
  • Lincoln Cathedral in the UK describes them as ‘Cultured despisers.’
  • Some Pastors acknowledge it is the ‘fastest growing denomination.’

One characteristic they all have in common – they got turned off by church, and left.

The story doesn’t stop there.

The second largest religion in the world is beginning to experience a similar trend. That’s right – Islam.

We examine both dechurched and demosqued. If you are a Christian, you might find some striking parallels within Islam, and of course, vice versa if you’re Muslim.

Neither site advises you to return to church or mosque. We hope you find the evolving journeys raise some empathy for the other faith – because finding why people left might, in a small way, assist.

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  1. A Smith

    Thanks for research…however to me there is some kind of declining spirit running amok…i think the churches as we know them have just lost some glory and not really knowing how to get the glory back. A decline is just a decline for whatever reason. Thanks again

  2. Jon

    We, the Friends of the Little Brown Bible, have had it with organized religion. And we are not really friends of the bible, at least not most of it. We are friends of the Little Brown Bible, which is something entirely different.

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