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Not everyone agrees with me for some strange reason…

I surfed across your web site and agreed whole heartedly. Isn’t it great to be set free? After 7 years in a very ‘legalist’ church I was disfellowshipped for socializing with members who had left voluntarily. After that I took a 20+ year spiritual nap, that is, until my Creator decided the time was right to wake me up. What an awakening!!!

I’ll read those other articles when I get the chance, but in the mean time, keep up the good work!

I’ve been a Christian for most all of my 52 years, and for a good chunk of it I’ve been disillusioned. There has been a lot of mis-information transmitted and I’m one of the walking wounded – one the church forgot
to shoot.

An assembly is important for those who fear they’d stray away from the faith.┬áThat is quite a majority of the church goers.

You’ve achieved at painting a very cynical picture of all that’s wrong with the western Church and while I can agree with most of it, I feel you have failed in communicating an alternative model…

I stumbled across the site today, looking for some lyrics to Great American Novel. It is depressing to read, mostly because of the reflections of a person who so dearly longs to live in a community of believers and be part of a church (not the building, the body) that lives out what is taught in the Bible. I find your articles honest and thought-provoking. I have no debate with you, just wanted to send you an e-mail, and thank you for giving me some things to think about.

Obviously, you are not an athiest obviously, you still believe in god, most likely in the manner the catholic church, against which you have so obviously reacted, presents that idea obviously you do not have a thorough understanding of the idea of athiesm YOU HAVE MISSED THE DAMN POINT

Hello Bryan, I read your article on UR and it was quite an encouragement to me. I have been studying this concept for over two years and it definitely sits well in my soul.