Segmentation studies of Western Christians are illuminating. Denominations and parachurch organisations put a lot of effort into understanding the makeup of their visitors or their donors.

Tearfund UK Christian segmentationThe UK Tearfund model with percentages is shown here. It includes those with no religion and Christians. Dechurched is the biggest segment.

Tearfund subdivide the dechurched section into;

  1. Closed dechurched – they’ll never come back. That’s the vast majority in Britain, 13.7 million out of 16 million.
  2. Open dechurched – they might come back.

Lincoln Cathedral analysed their visitors and came up with the same quadrants using different names;

  1. True believers – (Regular churchgoers)
  2. Gawpers – (Unchurched)
  3. Cultured despisers – (Dechurched)
  4. Prayer makers – (Fringe churchgoers)

Well, I don’t know about calling the dechurched ‘Cultured despisers’. That sounds harsh.

Nevertheless many people visit British cathedrals, but not to worship or listen to a sermon.