Web Site Description An online ‘Magazine of Christian unrest.’
An interesting article about church as religion. Pretty much the worlds only religious satire magazine Another interesting NZ website Well, we have McWorld… Home of some worthwhile books and seminars
Everythingblack Interesting alternative site
PC Psalm 23 A politically correct Psalm 23
Future scenarios (and past) Scroll down to the Future Planetary Scenarios
A Post Literal Christianity site Where I first came across that interesting term
Churches ad hoc: a divine comedy Intriguing photo essay on churches Good resources, humour and some serious stuff as well Progressive Christianity – a clear thinking site
Radical faith Exploring fundamentals of faith in a changed world. An excellent site. A new universalist site, well laid out, good articles Good article on Narrative theology
An Australian dechurched church Exactly that. Taking action on alternatives
Sheep comics Excellent cartoon site with churched sheep